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Fallout 3

What do i think?

This game i think looks pretty amazing. I first heard about it not to long ago from my friend who is a fallout fan. I haven’t really heard of the series until recently, like most youths, and i think this game could introduce new gamers to the fallout series. 



The visuals of fallout 3 don’t look that bad from what i have seen. It seems to have the oblivion-esq which is when you talk to someone it zooms in on them giving you the actual ‘concentrated’ feel. It uses the Gamebyro engine which, if you don’t already know, was used on Oblivion and Empire Earth 1 & 2. 


The game, to me, really reminds me of the elder scrolls series but that is a good thing. One thing i have seen that i am not to fond of is the clunky AI, they sit there hardly moving with hardly any facial expression, making it feel like your talking to a robot. You can see the game flow here


Now here is probably the best aspect I’ve seen about this game and where it does amazing. There are many features i haven’t seen in a game before such as the VATS (Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System), which is when you slow down time and choose a part of the enemy you would like to shoot. 

The PIP-Boy 3000, displaying the players skills statistics.

An example of VATS in action

Another new feature is that weapons degrade over time. As it degrades it loses it’s rate of fire and accuracy.I think that makes the game more interesting to play, because as old weapons break you can create new ones in it’s place! Also, just like in Mass Effect the game will have a karma system, where you choose your own options and they have a good or bad impact in the game. I think this is nearly a must have in video games these days. That and multiplayer – offline or online. Click here to see a demo of the gameplay



  • Good original features i.e VATS, degrading weapons
  • Visuals are acceptable


  • Clunky in-town AI.
  • Could it feel too much like oblivion?

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