Fable 2

What do i think?

I think this game is going to be awesome. I think it will really open up an original world and with the co-op play offline and online, it is enjoyable with your brother | cousin | friend | someoneyoufoundoffthestreets 🙂



Fighting in Fable 2

Fighting in Fable 2

The look of this game i think, is immense. It is still set in the world of Albion which is ten times bigger & it gives the sort of ‘everything is alive’ effect that i haven’t seen in many games. The game really just reminds me of the original Fable but with lots and lots of new quests, features, areas, characters and spells added in. It is kind of like a Fable:The Lost Chapters Again. The game does though have seasonal change which makes the game seem even more dynamic. The engine used was written in-house but the game will use some of Havok engine (Games such as Saint’s Row & Super Smash Brothers) for physics and the Kynapse (Games such as Alone in the Dark) for AI.


Well, the gameplay in the first fable game was as fun as owning noobs (Which is pretty darn fun). The gameplay in this game though has been improved with the addition of:

  1. A Dog
    The dog in this game i think is really cool. The dog has replaced the mini-map and will assist you everywhere you go which i think is much better than a mini map but it could be less precise? On top of that, it also attacks the enemy that has the advantage over you e.g if they had a gun and you had a sword it would attack them and as a grand finale, the dog can do tricks! 🙂 
  2. A Kid
    You can get a kid in the game and they will generally look you depending on what alignment you have chosen. I think having a kid ingame would be so much fun and, hey, if you get annoyed at them…kill him. 
  3. Death
    When you die in Fable 2  you lose an unknown amount of experience, but then trade your experience points for a burst of energy which helps you escape the enemies that killed you. What if you were surrounded in like some corner?  
  4. Online Play
    Finally, it will have online play which will be so fun to play. Online is much like, the person can drop in or out of your game. If you have you friendly fire turned on though they will be able to kill your family, and the effects of online play are permanent.
  5. Offline Multiplayer
    Offline multiplayer, i think is what will make this game so great. Just being able to run around ‘GTA’ style 
    in Albion. When two people are connected to one console the second player, if he does not already have a character, will become a henchmen. Then you specify how much bounty you each get.
As you can see they have greatly built upon things from the first game and added original new content.
  • Much more new content added
  • Mulitplayer – online & offline
  • Could Fable 2 just be one big expansion pack of the first game?



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