Dead Space

What do i think?

I think this game is going to be a original new horror/surivial game and will bring a new definition of ‘Scary aliens trying to take over the world’



Now the main plot of the game is that you play as Isaac Clarke who is an engineer working for the Concordance Extraction Corporation (C.E.C), a giant mining company. His company receives a distress call from one of the ships and, thinking that a mechanical failure is the only problem, Isaac and two other C.E.C employees are sent out. They discover that the ship has been taken over by Necromorphs, an alien race dependent upon necrotic flesh. Separated from his party, Isaac must survive the Necromorph infestation and battle his way to safety. 


Isaac Clarke Fighting a Necromorph

The look of the game is very impressive and it seems to have quite a dark, mysterious setting. The main character, Isaac Clarke, looks very cool indeed and has some sort of lit up helmet, so you do not know what he looks like. The game has a lot of gore and the first few parts of the game are quite sinister. The game seems to share the same feel as bioshock and has the same ‘alone’ feeling as the game.


I like the way that since in-game is an engineer so you have to pretty much make all the weapons yourself. This could be interesting, because the things you would normally use is bolt cutters and energy weapons. Also in the game there are areas where you have to be in weightless environments and you can only stay on with your magnetic boots. In these levels your enemy is not so much the creatures, but more the floating debris. You can even lose your footing and float off into space.

Now, this game isn’t one of those ‘shoot wildly at the creature until you are sure it is dead’ games, because to kill the creatures you will have to use dismemberment. This means you will have to slice off legs and arms and head until it is just a pile on the ground, otherwise the creature would still go for you, adapting it self as you tear off limbs. I think this will be a good system to use and will help the game seem more prolonging. 




  • Original and could actually frighten people
  • Unique ‘dismemberment’ system


  • No variety, and the game seems quite linear

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