Fable 2

In fable 2, you can play as a boy or a girl, but this has no impact on the story. Your first taste into the game play is you going around collecting 5 gold coins to buy a music box. This basically plays as a introduction to the game and doesn’t actually feel like a tutorial. It is great integration and to all the people who played the first fable, it is a reminder.

          The main plot of fable 2 is that you play as the hero, a homeless boy, whose sister is killed by Lord Lucien, the antagonist of the game. Your mission is to go around the vast regions of Albion recruiting the famous heroes. This involves fighting a huge array of different creatures such as the balverines and several hollow men at a time. The plot of the game is pretty gripping but in my eyes, just falls short of beating the original fable plot. One shining aspect of fable 2 is the music. Everywhere you go, from the town of bowerstone to the darkness of westcliff, you can really feel the atmosphere of the area making you feel more at home.

          The game play in fable 2 is where the game rises to an Over-8 rating. The first feature I will pick up on is the Dog.

The dog in this game represents the minimap, which is seen in most RPGs. It barks when it’s found treasure or danger, which is quite often. Another feature is that it will attack the enemy you have the most vulnerability to. You are able to teach the dog numerous tricks that it performs when certain expressions are used and is a clever feature and, overall, the dog is a welcome feature, knocking away the feeling of loneliness seen in most RPGs.

The second aspect is the weaponry and magic. The addition of guns is heavily present in the game, with an assortment of guns ranging from the blunderbuss to the crossbow. All the guns have variations making the amount of ranged weapons pretty big. Also melee weapons such as swords, axes, maces and katanas adds the feel of selection in regards to weaponry. Magic in the game feels a little limited with only a small choice of spells in the game and no unlockable spells. The magic system doesn’t add the feeling of adrenaline and just feels like your hitting and holding buttons.

The third and finally aspect is multiplayer. This is was a big selling point in the game. Although extremely fun, the option of a second player makes the game a whole lot easier and without the choice of difficulty it makes the game shorter than it should be. That being a minor pin in a haystack of greatness because the fact that you can run around GTA style with a friend makes the replay value of the game almost infinite.

Overall, Fable 2 is not a revolutionary game and does have its flaws but, with features such as the dog and online multiplayer soon to come, it will sure be a top competitor to other games in its genre.


  • Multiplayer
  • Weapons
  • Dog instead of minimap


  • Camera in two player
  • Length of game



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